As described by John Pfeiffer of the Aquarian, Foxanne is “both sensuous and original in nature.” Foxanne is an independent, Brooklyn-based artist pushing musical boundaries in a truly unique way. Foxanne has been likened to artists ranging from Maggie Rogers to Portishead and Jenny Lewis.

This spring, Foxanne released their debut studio EP: halfling. The record has been well-received by publications such as the Aquarian, You Don't Know Jersey, Digital Wheat Paste, and Golden Mixtape. 

In this record, lead singer and guitarist Foxanne carefully lilts through delicate lyrics as the band swells and intimate whispers grow to a room-shaking vibrato. Mike Harris uses the synthesizer to add depth and artful soundscapes to the ever-changing dynamics as Juilliard-trained Andrew Funcheon uses a variety of percussion instruments and mallets alongside a traditional drum kit to truly bring the songs to life.

When Foxanne is not in the studio or on the stage she is writing for science-related publications. She applies her scientific background to music in a way that is as detail-oriented as it is boundlessly passionate.



Photographer: Liz Ornitz

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