Powerful, sweet and adventurous indie music, Foxanne is a new dynamic force on the scene. Located in the NYC area, Foxanne is bringing a wild energy with a relatable pop vibe to their audience. 

Foxanne has recently played at venues like Shea Stadium, the Knitting Factory, and Cake Shop with artists like Vita and the Woolf and Letters to Nepal.

This past summer, Foxanne recorded their debut studio EP with Pat Noon of Eightsixteen studios who has previously worked with the Front Bottom, River City Extension, and many others. They are eager to showcase their sound in a complete and polished release, and to tour extensively with this EP, spreading the love across the globe.

Foxanne’s initial demo and singles can be found at


The Foxanne live performance on the Ear Candy Podcast can be found at



Foxanne’s initial demo was well received and reviewed in the local community. John Pfeiffer of The Aquarian published a review of the demo calling it "a giddy, unbridled writing and performance style. Flying far outside the commercial zones... "





Photographer: David Ross Lawn

Aquarian article : http://www.theaquarian.com/2015/01/21/shoreworld-exploring-the-world-of-foxanne/